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About Us

  • Family Owned & Operated Since 2011
  • Custom Built For Several Seeders
  • Over 45000 Scrapers Now In Use Across The Prairies And Internationally
  • Winner Of Three New Innovation Awards
call us now 1-888-528-4459

Why our Mud Scrapers?

Even in wet soil conditions, our packer tires ensure the seed depth is optimal for proper germination.

Equipment Longevity – our equipment is built to last made from carbon steel and powder coated for a durable finish.

Easy installation on seeders from a variety of manufacturers – they can be installed with relative ease via custom brackets.


“We first purchased our Roto Mud Scrapers in 2013 for our 1999 Seed Hawk. We have farmed with them for three years now and are completely satisfied – they still look like new!

It seems to me that if you have a precision seeder, you must have The Roto Mud Scrapers. If you don’t, you know longer have a precision seeder. In wet or damp soil conditions the packer wheel will get larger with packed on mud without the Roto Mud Scraper, and it disturbs your precision you are planning on. Our packer tires last longer than they did when we used our stationary scrapers – they no longer develop flat spots because the soil builds up and drags the tire over the ground, or damages the side walls.

The level of customer service from Mark and Company is what all farmers expect – courteous, honest, prompt and efficient. Their product allows our equipment to function in the way it was engineered – with precision.”

Trent Sundgaard, Standard, AB

Our Mission Statement

Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers is a farm-based, family-owned and operated company dedicated to designing and manufacturing a self-propelled rotating mud scraper that prevents the build-up of mud on packer wheels and contributes to maintaining a consistent seed depth.

Our goal is to provide excellent service so our customers get precise seeding operations for optimal returns.

We strive to grow our business with honesty and integrity by creating a meaningful relationship with those who have a passion for farming like us.

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