Mud scrapers and seed placement

Every producer knows the long-term implications of poor seed placement are detrimental to a crop’s development in a multitude of ways. Anything affecting the depth of the seed – whether too deep or too shallow – will hamper germination and weaken growth in the pivotal early portion of the season. This affects weed development, fungicide windows, increases input costs and can generate a less productive harvest.

Generally, seeds should be set shallow enough for the plant to easily break through the surface of the ground, but deep enough in the furrow to be surrounded by moist soil. Therefore, keeping the packer wheels on your seeder free of mud is instrumental in the overall health of your crops. If moist or sticky soil builds up on the wheels, it lifts the opener on your seeder out of the ground and drops the seed either too shallow in the earth or right on the surface.

The Devloo Roto Mud Scraper’s rotating, cup-shaped innovation takes care of many problems created by stationary, flat scrapers used on some seeders. Devloo’s laser-cut, carbon-steel scrapers are custom bracketed to sit an eighth of an inch above the packer wheels. Placed at the correct, offset position, the scrapers will rotate once the mud build-up on the tire reaches them; in effect, smoothly slicing off the soil from the packer wheel.

And there’s less wear on both the scraper and the wheel compared to their flat-barred cousins. Because the scraper spins as it removes mud, there is less heat created from friction allowing your equipment to last longer. In dry conditions, the scraper simply sits motionless just above the wheel.

In effect, the efficiency and dependability of the Devloo Roto Mud Scraper as you seed will go a long way towards the quality and the quantity of the crop you put in the bin next fall.

By Christopher L. Istace


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