Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers go “Pink” for breast cancer research

Morris Contour 2 Seeder - Devloo Roto Mudscrapers - Packer Wheels

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Canada, an annual information and fundraising campaign spearheaded by the Canadian Cancer Society. Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers is doing its part by putting a little colour in your field.

Since 2014, Devloo has raised $17,695 for cancer research through the sale of specially painted, rotating mud scrapers. Five dollars from every pink scraper sold is donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

When you see bright, pink mud scrapers riding just above the packer wheels on an operating seeder next spring, it’s Devloo and that producer doing their part to increase awareness about cancer and the ongoing search for a cure.

“My mom had breast cancer some years ago and I just decided that for every pink scraper we sell, we will donate $5 towards breast cancer research,” says Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers company president Mark Devloo. “Everyone seems to know someone who has been affected by cancer somehow.”

The Canadian Cancer Society and Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers have three suggestions for you to join the fight against cancer through the rest of the month.

  • Get Involved: Join an organization to help educate others about the disease and raise funds to find a cure.
  • Get Screened: Early diagnosis and treatment increase the chance of a successful treatment and your recovery.
  • Get Support: If you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer – or any type of cancer – you are not alone. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to talk to someone who has been there before. Access the Canadian Cancer Society’s support services by calling 1-888-939-3333.

Since 2011, Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers has developed and manufactured self-propelled, rotating mud scrapers to prevent the build-up of mud on packer wheels, leading to consistent seed depths, better germination, and greater yields.

For more information on Devloo’s efforts to help fight breast cancer and to see how you can join in their Pink Campaign, follow this link:

By Christopher L. Istace



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