Our Story

Farmers, themselves, develop the most effective advancements in agricultural equipment technology.

This is the case for the Devloo Roto Mud Scraper, which was born out of the necessity to punch-up productivity on a 2,700-acre family farm in the heart of Canada’s Prairie grain belt.

Like on most agricultural operations, the spirit of independence and ingenuity runs strong on the Devloo family farm near Somerset, Manitoba. Gerry, Mark and Jamie Devloo know that the earlier they can get their seed in the ground, the better their returns will be at harvest. However, wet, sticky soil conditions in the spring are a severe hindrance. When seeder packer tires are caked in mud, the seeds and fertilizer are dropped on the surface instead of in the ground, accounting for thousands of dollars in losses due to poor placement.

An idea struck Gerry Devloo; a rotating, sharp-edged, cup-shaped mud scraper custom bracketed to sit an eighth of an inch above the packer wheel. The first prototypes were manufactured and tested in 2010.

“After we tried the rotating mud scrapers in the field for only 100 meters, I knew that we could help thousands of farmers,” says Mark Devloo, president of Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers.

The benefits to the innovation were multi-leveled compared to other scraping mechanisms. The Devloo Roto Mud Scraper only operates when soil attached to the packer tire touches them, allowing the packer wheel to spin freely as the rotating scraper peels the mud off of the tire. The spin of the scraper provides about five times the cutting edge around the whole disc. Their operating method and positioning means less friction and wear on your packer tires.

After receiving positive reviews from other producers using the new scrapers, the Devloos diversified the farm by opening Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers in 2011. A year later, the company won the New Innovation Award at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, Sask., then garnered further attention the following year at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon, Man. and the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo in Red Deer, Alta.

As of early 2016, more than 45,000 Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers were in use throughout North America and internationally on seeding equipment manufactured by more than a dozen different companies. Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers now operates out of about 18,000 square feet of shop space with seven employees.

“Our goals are to make sure that every farmer in North America has the opportunity to purchase the Devloo Roto Mud Scraper if they need them,” Mark says. “We are also selling internationally and plan on expanding our business to handle demand overseas.”

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