Which seeders have you made the scrapers for?

We manufacture to fit most brands including:

Seed HawkSeed MasterBourgault
John Deere 1820/1830/1835Conserva Pak / JD 1870Cross Slot
CIH 400 / NH P2050 / Flex 5000CIH 700 / NH P2060 / ConcordCIH 800 / NH P2070
New HollandK-HartMorris Maxim
Ezee OnMorris Contour 1Morris Contour 2
PillarHorsch SprinterSalford
Amazone CondorDBS AusPlow
Call us if you have a different application, we would love to hear from you!

What colours do you have?

Red, Black, Construction Yellow, Equipment Yellow and Breast-Cancer Pink

How long does it take to install?

Assembly and installation takes roughly 10 minutes per scraper.

Do you have installation instructions?

Yes, every shipment comes with instructions. You can also download them from our website (Gallery + Assembly page) or e-mail us for details.

Do you require a down payment or offer a payment plan?

No, we require payment in full before we ship the product.

What is the life expectancy on a scraper?

All soil types are different, showing less wear in clay soils, and slightly more wear in sandy soils. After four seasons and approximately 9,500 acres of continuously spinning the mud off, we have not lost any diameter on our scrapers.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes, all are parts are replaceable.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, we offer a one year manufacture defect warranty.

What material are the scrapers made out of?

The discs are made from 1023 steel, and the brackets are made from #80 high tensile steel.

Will they work in my heavy soils?

Our Rotating Mud Scrapers were made for heavy soils. We have positive feedback from customers that use them in heavy soils.

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