Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers

Mission Statement

Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers is a farm-based, family-owned and operated company dedicated to designing and manufacturing a self-propelled rotating mud scraper that prevents the build-up of mud on packer wheels and contributes to maintaining a consistent seed depth.

Our goal is to provide excellent service so our customers get precise seeding operations for optimal returns. We strive to grow our business with honesty and integrity by creating a meaningful relationship with those who have a passion for farming like us.

  • "We use Devloo Roto mud scrapers on our air seeders to keep us going when conditions are a little damp. Last year, because of a shower we had over night, one air seeder that had scrapers on was seeding 6 hours earlier than the one that didn’t have them on."

    Mike Calkins

    Kyle, SK

  • "I purchased a set of Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers for my JD 1820 air seeder in spring of 2013. They were 100% trouble free and exceeded my expectations. Mark was very helpful from our first discussion, and provided the kits when promised. They noticeably increased the performance of my machine, and I saw improvement in our seed depth accuracy and more uniform germination. I was able to run in wetter condition without plugging the packers. I wouldn’t seed without them, and have ordered a set for my new seedhawk drill."

    Trevor Martin, Trendy Acres Inc.

    Flaxcombe, SK

  • "I have used Roto MudScrapers for 3 seasons. What I like is that they maintain seed depth by preventing dirt build up on the press wheels. The rotating action keeps the press wheel tire free from the unnecessary wear that a stationary scraper would create. And it is basically maintenance free. It’s nice to walk around the drill and see all the wheels clear of buildup where they would otherwise be 2 inches bigger causing shallow seeding and pulling seed out.  The Devloo Roto MudScraper is a great product, backed by great service.  When I’m in the cab I know these scrapers are doing their job."

    Terry Haglin

    SeedMaster 50'

  • "Our farm was extremely wet in Elrose, Saskatchewan for the spring seeding of the 2012 crop. We tested a few of Mark’s rotating scrapers on our K-Hart disk drill. We were amazed at how well they cleaned the packer wheels while at the same time giving no plugging or maintenance issues. We will be installing them on our drill for the 2013 season."

    Kim Hartman, K-Hart Industries

    Elrose, SK

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