• Clean packer wheels help to maintain a consistent seed depth
  • The larger the packer wheel gets with mud build-up, the shallower the seed/fertilizer is placed in the soil
  • Shallow fertilizer placement results in the fertilizer gassing off into the atmosphere
  • Seed placement is important for better emergence and a uniform crop
  • Reduces the amount of seed that sticks to the muddy packer wheels
  • No more need to reduce air pressure in packer wheels to shed mud, therefore no more damaged tires
  • Rotating Mud Scrapers prevent build up of mud

Get a Better Start and Seed More Acres in a Day

  • Seed earlier in the morning, later in the day, and sooner after a rain
  • Seed closer to all your wet areas
  • Seed earlier in the spring and beat the July heat on the flowering canola
  • An earlier crop will likely mature before the fall frost
  • Stationary Scrapers can plug up and create enough friction to stop the packer wheels from turning

Better Fuel Economy

  • It takes less power to pull clean packer wheels
  • When the packer wheels stop turning, they can make ruts, drag piles and the tractor will consume more fuel
  • Helps your seeding investment do a precision job as intended

Less Friction/Less Wear

  • Our rotating scrapers do a better job of cleaning with less friction, less drag, and therefore less wear than stationary scrapers
  • Rotating scrapers have approximately five times the contact surface of a stationary scraper
  • When there is mud, the scraper spins continuously and constantly moves the cutting surface to a new contact point reducing heat build-up and wear

We have custom built for several seeders- Seed Hawk, SeedMaster, CIH, Bourgault, John Deere, Conserva Pak/JD 1870, Morris, K-Hart, Ezee On, Salford, Amity, New Holland, Versatile, Cross Slot, Amazon, Australian DBS and Harriston Potato Planter.

  • Seed Hawk packer wheel without our scraper

  • Seed Hawk packer wheel with our scraper

  • Bourgault packer wheel without our scraper

  • Bourgault packer wheel with our scraper

  • Wheat seeded without Mud Scrapers

  • Wheat seeded with Mud Scrapers

  • “Canola growers who consistently seed at a shallow depth of 1.2 to 2.5 cm (½” to 1″) can reap significant benefits. These include improved plant density, superior competition with weeds, decreased days to emergence, increased canola ground cover, decreased days to flowering and maturity, decreased green seed levels and higher yields.” Canola Digest, 2014.

  • “Shallow seeding of canola into a firm, moist, warm seedbed helps ensure rapid, uniform germination with a high percentage of emergences. Deeply sown seeds require several days longer to emerge and have reduced survival rates due to the insufficient stored energy in canola required to push cotyledons to the surface.” Canola Digest, 2014.