Blaine Gatez, Gatez & Cissell Family Farm

Andrea Whitehead

“In the winter of 2014/2105, we had opportunity to speak to various farms who have experience with the Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers. The feedback we received was a resounding success from all who were interviewed. This led us to purchase these scrapers for our two Seed Master units operated by my family farm in the Peace district near Spirit River. The soil in this area is clay based and has the drawback of clinging to all styles of packer wheels. For two previous seasons we ran the Seed Master’s without scrapers giving us a variable seed depth due to the additional soil built up on our packer wheels. The spring of 2015 however was a completely different program, as the Devloo Scrapers consistently kept the packers clean and allowed a very even seed depth which was not affected by the soil moisture conditions. These scrapers will absolutely allow an earlier entrance into the fields, even if moisture levels are too high for traditional methods. I have full confidence in the service provided by Mark and his team and feel that we are receiving full value from our purchase of the Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers.”