Dave Taylor

Andrea Whitehead

“When I asked Mark if I could get a scraper for my seven foot, three point hitch mower’s rear wheel, he said that would be no problem, which he was able to fit me with the parts to fix the scraper on the mower. I could not believe how it would do such a good job of keeping the mud off the wheel. Now to be able to go and do the mowing whether it is dry or wet is a pleasure. I have not had the wheel plug up once since I installed it. We have a few acres of alkali land which is wet most of the time when I want to mow it, and now there is no big lumps caused by the wheel plugging up and then falling off. I am so happy with the way the DEVLOO ROTO MUD SCRAPER has solved my problem, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a problem with mud building up on any wheel.”