Jim & Melonie Charnetski

Andrea Whitehead

“We purchased a set of Devloo scrapers for our JD 1835 air drill a year ago (spring of 2014). Our soil is a Sceptre Heavy Clay ( nice and sticky). We were unhappy with our JD Factory scrapers and their poor performance. They were narrower than our semi-pneumatic packer wheels and left a mud ridge on either side. As well the mud and straw would harden on the end of the scraper and cause wear on the centre of the rubber wheel.

We installed the Devloo scrapers and felt they did exactly what we were hoping for. If there was no mud they just sat there and went for the ride. When mud started building they would start rotating and slice the mud off the complete width of the packer. By rotating there wasn’t that friction from hardened mud wearing the rubber on the packer as the rotating disc tends to offer a certain level of self cleaning. They worked so well that when they did get overloaded with mud we had to quite honestly ask ourselves what we were doing there as the quality of our seeding was in conditions definitely too wet to be there (virtually stuck).

The Devloo’s have been very proactive in looking for feedback on their products performance. They definitely don’t sell and forget. Near the end of seeding Mark called us to inform us of an adjustment he thought would be beneficial to most of his customers. This spring he contacted us about a product improvement kit he was offering at cost. We considered it and felt we could see some long term improvement in the kit so we purchased it and will make the changes and see how they perform this season.

Dealing with the Devloo’s and their open minded positive attitude makes me a very satisfied customer.”