Scott Chalmers, Diversification Specialist, Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization

Andrea Whitehead

“WADO is an applied crop research group based in the southwest of Manitoba. We have many seeding deadlines to accomplish and many crops to get in the ground in a timely manner. With the purchase of the Devloo Roto Mudscrapers in response to our excessive moisture conditions we have been experiencing, we have been able to get in the field earlier than when we should have by at least a day. Without the mud scrapers we would not have been able to seed half our research program. The scrapers certainly have done their job keeping the mud off our packer wheel and have improved seed placement under excessive moisture conditions. We are generally a day or two on the field earlier than those producers on the field even with having our lighter research equipment. We have worked with the scrapers over a wide range of soil types including sandy, loamy and clay soils and their importance is best suited in that order of priority, respectively. We are satisfied our older model despite some mud accumulation experienced however we are excited to employ the new model that has improved on this.”