Trent Sundgaard

Andrea Whitehead

“We first purchased our Roto Mud Scrapers in 2013 for our 1999 Seed Hawk. We have farmed with them for three years now and are completely satisfied – they still look like new! It seems to me that if you have a precision seeder, you must have The Roto Mud Scrapers. If you don’t, you know longer have a precision seeder. In wet or damp soil conditions the packer wheel will get larger with packed on mud without the Roto Mud Scraper, and it disturbs your precision you are planning on. Our packer tires last longer than they did when we used our stationary scrapers – they no longer develop flat spots because the soil builds up and drags the tire over the ground, or damages the side walls. The level of customer service from Mark and Company is what all farmers expect – courteous, honest, prompt and efficient. Their product allows our equipment to function in the way it was engineered – with precision.”