The Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers are a must have on our drills. They keep our seed knifes at a consistent
depth in some very bad conditions. Last year we lost one and you could notice the difference on the
seed row at emergence.

Ryan Grisdale

Ryan Grisdale, Weekes, Saskatchewan

Owned a SeedMaster for 10 years, we stopped for a day during 2022 seeding to put on a set of rotating mud scrapers, and we sure wish we had done that 10 years ago. Paid for themselves easily in a season. Probably more like a couple of fields. Bought a second SeedMaster this year, and it wasn’t even a question, we just ordered another set before we even started.

Nevin Gordon

Nevin Gordon, Griffin, Saskatchewan

Devloo scrapers are simply awesome…. it takes a little bit to install them, but Mark Devloo was very helpful and easy to get a hold of. Once you have them installed, I would say they are hassle free. We just tried them for the first year and we absolutely love them we did about 7000 acres per drill and did not touch them once during the season and you can see no wear on them what so ever.

John Mandel

John Mandel, Shamrock Colony, Bow Island, Alberta

We use Devloo Roto mud scrapers on our air seeders to keep us going when conditions are a little damp. Last year, because of a shower we had over night, one air seeder that had scrapers on was seeding 6 hours earlier than the one that didn’t have them on.

Mike Calkins

Kyle, Saskatchewan

We have had our Devloo Roto Scrapers for 4 seasons now. We have over 30,000 acres on them and they work great. Mark stands behind his product 100%.

Chad Haskey, Birch Creek Farms Ltd.

Wadena, SK

The Devloo Mud scrapers are worth every penny. I have 50,000 acres on my first set without a problem!

Tyler Peterson

Central Butte, SK

In my opinion, to achieve even seed placement, a mud scraper is a must, especially in the heavy gumbo
soils of Notikewin. The Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers have worked like a charm on my Seed Hawk.

Jarvis Asmussen

Notikewin, AB

We are purchasing a newer and larger air drill and most of our land base is heavy clay/gumbo. Even a
small rain can stop us because of the mud build up on the packer wheels. The mud on the packers
literally lifts the seed boots out of the ground. With the Devloo mud scrapers, the mud is skimmed off
the packer tires and the seed boots stay in the ground, therefore placing seed properly in the ground. I
don’t plan on ever seeding without mud scrapers on the packer wheels again. Devloo scrapers are a
great investment.

Gilbert Owens

Fahler, AB

“We farm south of Redvers, Saskatchewan and for the past four springs we have had less then ideal seeding conditions caused by an increase in snow fall and/or an increase in spring moisture. Our packer tires on our Seed Hawk would cake with mud causing the side wall of the tire to wear and eventually destroy the tire completely. We are very pleased with the success we are now having seeding into muddy conditions now that we are using Mark’s rotating scrapers. Although Mark did not originally make these scrapers with Seed Hawk in mind he was able to easily adjust them to fit our machine. We have had little to no problems with them; no plugging, no maintenance, and no bending. The scrapers are well built and we wouldn’t seed without them.”

Demas Family

Redvers, SK

“Our farm was extremely wet in Elrose, Saskatchewan for the spring seeding of the 2012 crop. We tested a few of Mark’s rotating scrapers on our K-Hart disk drill. We were amazed at how well they cleaned the packer wheels while at the same time giving no plugging or maintenance issues. We will be installing them on our drill for the 2013 season.”

Kim Hartman, K-Hart Industries

Elrose, SK

“Seeding in southeast Saskatchewan the last three years has been a bit of a challenge, having some of the stickiest soil there is. In the spring of 2011 we purchased a set of Marks rotary scrapers to put on our K-Hart disk drill. We found them to work excellent, they peeled the mud off of the packer wheels, thus keeping a constant depth on the disk opener. Anything we could pull the drill thru we could seed with out plugging up with mud.”

Gordon & Diane Sharp

Riceton, SK

“In spring of 2013 we purchased a 1830 hoe drill and decided to try Mark’s roto mud scrapers.  After running the scrapers for a few hundred acres we noticed some dirt and straw plugging on the bracket arm for the scraper.  Mark came out immediately and fabricated a new bracket to try.  The new bracket worked great and Mark worked extremely fast to get us a new set of brackets to fit our entire drill.  I would recommend Mark’s scrapers based on the customer service we received and the performance of the scraper.”

Henning Wubbe, Wubbe Farms Limited

Snow Flake, MB

“The Mud Scrapers were very easy to put on in the field. They allowed us to get seeding done in wetter conditions and maintain good seed placement.  They also allowed us to get back into the field for seeding much earlier after rains which was excellent for overall seeding on a large farm.  A really well designed product and great service.”

Earl Silinski

Brandon, MB

“I purchased a set of Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers for my JD 1820 air seeder in spring of 2013. They were 100% trouble free and exceeded my expectations. Mark was very helpful from our first discussion, and provided the kits when promised. They noticeably increased the performance of my machine, and I saw improvement in our seed depth accuracy and more uniform germination. I was able to run in wetter condition without plugging the packers. I wouldn’t seed without them, and have ordered a set for my new seedhawk drill.”

Trevor Martin, Trendy Acres Inc.

Flaxcombe, SK

“We purchased a set of Devloo scrapers for our JD 1835 air drill a year ago (spring of 2014). Our soil is a Sceptre Heavy Clay ( nice and sticky). We were unhappy with our JD Factory scrapers and their poor performance. They were narrower than our semi-pneumatic packer wheels and left a mud ridge on either side. As well the mud and straw would harden on the end of the scraper and cause wear on the centre of the rubber wheel.

We installed the Devloo scrapers and felt they did exactly what we were hoping for. If there was no mud they just sat there and went for the ride. When mud started building they would start rotating and slice the mud off the complete width of the packer. By rotating there wasn’t that friction from hardened mud wearing the rubber on the packer as the rotating disc tends to offer a certain level of self cleaning. They worked so well that when they did get overloaded with mud we had to quite honestly ask ourselves what we were doing there as the quality of our seeding was in conditions definitely too wet to be there (virtually stuck).

The Devloo’s have been very proactive in looking for feedback on their products performance. They definitely don’t sell and forget. Near the end of seeding Mark called us to inform us of an adjustment he thought would be beneficial to most of his customers. This spring he contacted us about a product improvement kit he was offering at cost. We considered it and felt we could see some long term improvement in the kit so we purchased it and will make the changes and see how they perform this season.

Dealing with the Devloo’s and their open minded positive attitude makes me a very satisfied customer.”

Jim & Melonie Charnetski

Prelate, SK

“My name is Jason Juzwishin and I farm in northern Alberta with my dad. When we bought our 72′ Seed Hawk we discovered we were getting to much slip and lacking power. We had a 535 case and were considering buying a bigger quad trac.

In the spring of 2014 we installed the Devloo scrapers and our engine load went down 10% and so did our percentage of wheel slip. Our factory scrapers would just fill up solid and sometimes stop the wheel from turning. Our wheels now stay clean and I also believe our seedbed benefits because our compaction from the tractor is less. The Devloo scraper was a good choice.”

Jason Juzwishin

Spirit River, AB

“WADO is an applied crop research group based in the southwest of Manitoba. We have many seeding deadlines to accomplish and many crops to get in the ground in a timely manner. With the purchase of the Devloo Roto Mudscrapers in response to our excessive moisture conditions we have been experiencing, we have been able to get in the field earlier than when we should have by at least a day. Without the mud scrapers we would not have been able to seed half our research program. The scrapers certainly have done their job keeping the mud off our packer wheel and have improved seed placement under excessive moisture conditions. We are generally a day or two on the field earlier than those producers on the field even with having our lighter research equipment. We have worked with the scrapers over a wide range of soil types including sandy, loamy and clay soils and their importance is best suited in that order of priority, respectively. We are satisfied our older model despite some mud accumulation experienced however we are excited to employ the new model that has improved on this.”

Scott Chalmers, Diversification Specialist, Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization

Melita, MB

“I have used Roto MudScrapers for 3 seasons. What I like is that they maintain seed depth by preventing dirt build up on the press wheels. The rotating action keeps the press wheel tire free from the unnecessary wear that a stationary scraper would create. And it is basically maintenance free. It’s nice to walk around the drill and see all the wheels clear of buildup where they would otherwise be 2 inches bigger causing shallow seeding and pulling seed out.  The Devloo Roto MudScraper is a great product, backed by great service.  When I’m in the cab I know these scrapers are doing their job.”

Terry Haglin

SeedMaster 50'

“We purchased the Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers last year and are impressed with the job they do. The ability to seed at the same depth throughout the whole field without increasing or decreasing packing pressure is a big bonus.  Without the mud scrapers, we would have to increase packing pressure in wet conditions to shed the mud. The Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers are definitely up to the job. We never had any trouble with them and they never got plugged up. This is a product we will always put on our drills. The added precision and early starts are well worth it.”

F.R Lamb Farms LTD.

“We seed canola research trials using Seed Hawk openers.  Each packer tire is equipped with the Devloo Roto Mud Scraper.  The fertilizer shank on the opener brings up extremely moist soil from below.  In combination with heavy straw the packer tires would accumulate significant mud and trash buildup in the dark black soil zone of Alberta.  Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers provide extremely consistent seed depth control by keeping the surface of the packer tire clean.  This consistent depth control is a must in research trials to eliminate variability in plots.”

Jason Nordstrom B.Sc., Ag., P.Ag. Research Operations Lead

DuPont Pioneer, Edmonton

“The Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers work great! They keep the packer wheels clean so less wear on the tires and seed depth is more consistent. Before I had the scrapers I had a half section of canola on wet, heavy soil and the canola seed was lying on the ground. So when it’s wet the scrapers pay for themselves a couple times. I think the scrapers outlast the air seeder for sure. It should be a standard feature! When there is a problem the Devloos stand 100% behind the product.  I think you can start seeding a couple days earlier because with sticky soil they keep your packers clean. They only turn when dirt built up so less wear and tear.”

Cees Vanden Berg

Alameda, SK

“In the winter of 2014/2105, we had opportunity to speak to various farms who have experience with the Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers. The feedback we received was a resounding success from all who were interviewed. This led us to purchase these scrapers for our two Seed Master units operated by my family farm in the Peace district near Spirit River. The soil in this area is clay based and has the drawback of clinging to all styles of packer wheels. For two previous seasons we ran the Seed Master’s without scrapers giving us a variable seed depth due to the additional soil built up on our packer wheels. The spring of 2015 however was a completely different program, as the Devloo Scrapers consistently kept the packers clean and allowed a very even seed depth which was not affected by the soil moisture conditions. These scrapers will absolutely allow an earlier entrance into the fields, even if moisture levels are too high for traditional methods. I have full confidence in the service provided by Mark and his team and feel that we are receiving full value from our purchase of the Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers.”

Blaine Gatez, Gatez & Cissell Family Farm

Crossfield & Spirit River, AB

“We had our fair share of hiccups last spring but keeping mud off of our packer wheels and maintaining proper seed depth wasn’t one of them. The scrapers were easy to install, maintained their structure and simply worked, they were the star of the show. Thanks to Mark and his great innovation we had better success with seeding in wetter conditions.”

Marc Chevrier

Gravelbourg, SK

“When I asked Mark if I could get a scraper for my seven foot, three point hitch mower’s rear wheel, he said that would be no problem, which he was able to fit me with the parts to fix the scraper on the mower. I could not believe how it would do such a good job of keeping the mud off the wheel. Now to be able to go and do the mowing whether it is dry or wet is a pleasure. I have not had the wheel plug up once since I installed it. We have a few acres of alkali land which is wet most of the time when I want to mow it, and now there is no big lumps caused by the wheel plugging up and then falling off. I am so happy with the way the DEVLOO ROTO MUD SCRAPER has solved my problem, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a problem with mud building up on any wheel.”

Dave Taylor

Melfort, SK

“The seeding season is short, and it is the most critical operation of the year. Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers are the only option to keep you in the field longer and get you back in the field sooner when conditions get wet. They do such a fantastic job that we have the scrapers on all three of our seeding units.”


Pennant, Saskatchewan

“We first purchased our Roto Mud Scrapers in 2013 for our 1999 Seed Hawk. We have farmed with them for three years now and are completely satisfied – they still look like new! It seems to me that if you have a precision seeder, you must have The Roto Mud Scrapers. If you don’t, you know longer have a precision seeder. In wet or damp soil conditions the packer wheel will get larger with packed on mud without the Roto Mud Scraper, and it disturbs your precision you are planning on. Our packer tires last longer than they did when we used our stationary scrapers – they no longer develop flat spots because the soil builds up and drags the tire over the ground, or damages the side walls. The level of customer service from Mark and Company is what all farmers expect – courteous, honest, prompt and efficient. Their product allows our equipment to function in the way it was engineered – with precision.”

Trent Sundgaard

Standard, AB