Why Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers are right for you

Correct and consistent seed and fertilizer placement is instrumental to getting the most production you can out of your fields. Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers ensure your packer wheels remain clean when it counts most.

Devloo’s rotating, cup-shaped scrapers provide five-times more cutting edge than stationary scrapers and rotate when wet soil begins to collect on packer tires. This rotation slices the mud off of the packer tires while decreasing the wear on your equipment.

There are multiple benefits to this technology.

Work in wetter soil moisture conditions

With Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers, you can get in the field despite unsatisfactory soil conditions. Clean packer tires ensure your equipment is dropping the seed at a depth most conducive to proper germination and development even on moist ground.

Seeding earlier in the spring provides your crop with a longer growing season and an earlier maturation date. Meanwhile, early morning and late evening moisture levels will not hold up your activities, and you can return to the fields sooner after periods of rain.

Should conditions be dry, the scraper simply sits idle and out of the way just above the packer tires.

Save on inputs and decrease wear on your equipment

Every dollar you put into your operation eats at your bottom-line after harvest. Proper seed and fertilizer placement alone can save producers thousands of dollars. When placed at the same, consistent depth, more seed will germinate on each pass, ultimately decreasing your seed-per-acre ratio.

Meanwhile, the fertilizer reaches a depth that will benefit the plant rather than gassing off before it is required.

Besides the benefits of proper seeding technique, pulling equipment free of mud, straw and other debris requires less power and saves on your tractor’s fuel consumption.

And Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers are built to last, both in material and operation. The scrapers are laser cut from 1023 carbon steel and powder coated for a durable finish. They sit an eighth of an inch above the packer tires, creating less friction between the tire and the scraper and do not contact the packer tire in dry conditions.

Easy installation on seeders from a variety of manufacturers

Finally, Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers can be installed with relative ease via custom brackets that fit more than a dozen brands of seeders. Some of these include Morris, Seed Hawk, Seed Master, Bourgault, New Holland, Versatile, Amity, Salford, Ezee-on, John Deere, Pillar, Flexicoil, K-Hart and more.

Why Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers are right for you